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Friday, June 10, 2011

Funeral Ceremony Sermon

By Carolyn Young
Universal Life Church - Online Funeral Ceremony
Requiem for an Unborn

(set up the sacred space and light a candle for everyone in attendance. Make sure there are plenty of tissues available.)

Many of us know the pain of losing a child. And if we are fortunate to have not known, as women we can still empathize and grieve. A life stopped before it was started can more distressing than other any deaths. Body and spirit stiffen against sorrow, but to aid the release of the grief of those who mourn, we must let our own awareness flow free.

We gather tonight to say good-bye to _______, a child-but not a child; truly "real" to but one among us. Whether the one we mourn was beloved or a stranger, we have the right and the need to grieve because her fate is our own.

She has left behind empty arms, not just her parents', but all who would have cherished her and nurtured her and assisted her in becoming a woman. We hope she accomplished what she had set for herself.

(Let everyone tell what they would have liked to have done with _______. When each person is finished speaking they blow out their candle and wish Godspeed to the soul.)

I would like to have taken her for walks in the woods and shown her the wonders there . . . and let her show me the wonders of God's creations through a child's eyes again.

(When all are finished ground the energies and open the space.)


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