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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funeral Opening Statement

Opening Statement
Universal Life Church - Online Funeral Ceremony
We are joined here on this day to give thanks for the life of ______, whose short stay of ___ years was a joy to us all. 

Death is part of the cycle of life.  Death is required and death is sad.  It tears at our heart when it happens, but without it, there could be nothing new.  No new genes, no species, no new perspectives in the world.  Without death, there could be no more birth.  Death is the price we pay.

Even though it is the price, we struggle against it with all our might.  We guard ourselves and live in resistance to this natural state.  When it does come, such as now, there is for some a question of faith, of the fairness of the world, which eventually gives way to acceptance that death is part of the greater plan for the universe.  This acceptance doesn’t usually come easy or quickly, but when it does, it can strengthen us.  To love life and to trust so completely in the ways of the universe and of God, even in its final act, is fortifying.

We have come here today to celebrate the passage that ________ has made into the greater wholeness, the loving arms of God.

Rev. Amy Long

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