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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Today I Pray

By Pamela Mercer
Universal Life Church
Today I pray that good things,
Godly things will rain into your life.
May the healing begin
this moment, this second.
As we walk in victory, we can win

Today I pray that the tearful child you know of
will have her tears washed away
by the sprinkling of heavens blessings
or her home, on her heart and
on her head.
That the pain she can not speak of
will suddenly subside
as the angel of life
surrounds her, bringing forth more blessings
of the Living God.

Today I pray that your job difficulties
because something of the past.
The enemy that
smells of evil and pain
will be bound
and banished from this place.
That we speak the word
and know the word
gives us power and strength.

I pray that those who try to hurt us
are hindered in their attempts,
for we our not evicted from the arms of God
by prayer;
we have paid our rent

I pray that blessings come even to those
who in anger try to evoke pain.
That God may not only smile upon them
but shower them in the latter rain

I pray for my coworker,
our supervisors,
and staff,
that the truth that we know is God
is the only truth that they see.

And I pray that no tears are shed today
except those cries of joy,
that we all know that God is everything
He is all we need.

I pray that someone will bring you a smile
that you can share
and show because of God's love that
we too love and care.

And I pray that all my friends and family
from this moment until the end
will know that
Jesus lives
and God is love,
that we may
look in side ourselves
look around us
and find a way to keep the circle of pray
and positivity
and encouragement
for like the rings
of love that connect us.
Nothing can seperate us
we pray; we praise;
we love;
we reach out;
to receive;
we extend our hearts and hands to share
we pray;
we believe;
we receive;
and it's all
in God's unchanging hand.
We know not the hour nor second in time
when God will call our name.
Today I pray that we experience
the blessings here and now.

May you be richly blessed as I pray for you, and we pray for each other and others. For God's love is prefect and when we love without condition, when our love for mankind is not contingent upon what that do for us, what they give us and how much they love us, I believe, that the Lord smiles upon us. As we struggle each day through the trials and tribulations that would keep us in bondage may we hold on to the word and remember that God will not bring us to anything that He won't bring us through. Every day will not be a test. Each day I open my eyes even if I smell the city work on the streets or spreading tar or the gentle floral fragrance of a flower or breakfast cooking in the apartment next door, I know that I am blessed. He woke me up, I can see, I can hear, I can smell and I love all of you because I can share this experience that I call life with you.

I pray that as God smiles upon you, and your family and whatever you circumstances is today that he pour just a little more of His spirit in you and upon you that you may now that glory of the Lord in each day, each hour, each second and each breath we take. May hour hearts not be burdened with the past but your faith be strong in the present.

Elohim, The Father of the Universe, The true and living God loves you
and so do I.

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