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Friday, July 2, 2010

Online Ceremonies

By Lady Charia
Adoption Ceremony

-Clergy says-

This Family has come together today to welcome a new loved one.

(Clergy- lights a large white candle for family)

Bless this family

For they have found one of their own

The Heart Speaks loud when it finds love

Family is love

Family is forever

May they know all the joy of family

(parents are holding child or child?s hand)

-Parents say?

Dear child of our hearts,

We welcome you into our family and our home

We want you to know that here you will find love, understanding and comfort.

You are one of our own and you have come home.


May love see this family through all the times to come?

Welcome home__(Child?s new name)____

May you grow with love and know love all your life

Bless this family (clergy sprinkles/anoints family with Holy Water)May you forever and always have and hold this love Amen.

By: Lady Charia (Charlotte Ann Chaffin)


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